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Scaffold Alarms

The process of erecting scaffolding presents various challenges that need effective solutions.

Our company specialises in providing a diverse range of scaffold alarms, meticulously tailored to address the unique requirements of our clients. Our offerings encompass standard hardwired alarms, which incorporate infrared beams and PIR sensors, as well as burglar alarms equipped with sirens and strobe lights—all seamlessly connected to a hardwired control unit. In addition to these, we offer battery-operated alarms that prioritize convenience. These alarms boast advanced sensors, sirens with strobe lights, and wireless control units. We take pride in integrating cutting-edge technology into our alarm systems.

Our sensors are meticulously configured to adhere to the highest standards and are designed to deliver optimal performance in external environments.

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Scaffold Alarms

The best way to secure scaffolding

Site Alarms System

Make Your construction site safe using convenient technology

Domestic Alarms

A great solution to make Your home much safer

24H Alarm Monitoring

Be 100% sure of Your security anytime, anywhere, 24/7

Scaffold & Site Lighting

Make Your work safer for general public by using bright LED lights

Scaffold & Construction Site CCTV

Cutting-edge technology tailored to your needs

Scaffold Fencing & Hoarding

Reduce the risk of theft at construction site

Satellite & TV Aerial Relocations

You can move the dish without a hassle

We offer site and scaffold lighting for sale

LV 1 Site Lights


Customizable light color and durability - ideal for many types of work

Led 3 is a multi colour multi function circuit board, its can be used on scaffolding/ hoarding or for roadwork’s.

The selectable colours are Red/ White and amber, you can also select flashing amber, led 3 also has a built in dusk till dawn sensor.

Only for use with the 19ah battery.

Battery life will be up to 4 months with red or amber, 5 months with white and 18 months with flashing amber.

LV 2 Site Lights


LED technology providing safety during construction and road works

Led 1 is a flashing amber LED, its primary application is for roadworks but can be used on scaffolding or hoarding too, it has a built in dusk till dawn sensor that can be disabled to allow constant flashing even in daylight, battery life will be up to 4 months with the smaller 4ah battery or up to 18 months battery life with the larger 19ah battery.

LV 3 Site Lights


Ease of use, two different LED colours and guaranteed operation

Led 5 is a mains powered circuit board, it is poweredby 12volts dc. When 12volts is applied it will light up 2 white leds (55ma) or 3 red leds (65ma). Colours are changed via jumper links on the circuit board

LV 4 Site Lights


Yet another superb solution that ensures safety and visibility in construction works.

LV Family

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All you need to operate the lights: batteries, converters, brackets etc.


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